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Ember Heating App

App Design and Promo Video

Ember Heating App

The aim of this project was to design an app with an intuitive user interface for EPH Controls, an Irish heating controls specialist company. The purpose of this app was to allow it's user to control the heating in their home from virtually anywhere with a wifi connection.


The Ember logo was designed with the home owner in mind. We didn't want to use a classic house shape, so decided to work with a simple roof concept which frames the text of the logo. Each colour used in the EPH logo are incorporated in the roof design.


There were a mountain of features to include in the app and we had to make sure to keep the design simple as to not overwhelm the user. The colour scheme chosen was in keeping with the current EPH logo and website, dark backgrounds and variations of their bright orange and cream tones. EPH definitely have an industrial feel to their branding and we wanted to keep this throughout the Ember app.

The promo video for the Ember heating app was to be sleek and simple, emphasising ease of use and style. The calming music, soft movements and transitions all add to the overall promotion of simplicity within the app.

The Ember App is available to download from both the Google Play and App Store.


EPH Controls






User Research


Art Direction


Logo Design

App Design

Video Animation



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