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Virtual vet

Elm Solutions were appointed to develop a web portal and mobile app for Virtual Vet and asked us to come onboard as the design team. The project seemed so interesting to us. The purpose of the mobile app was so that farmers could keep track of medicine given to their animals by means of a quick picture and easy to use note system. The information would then be automatically uploaded to a server which could be accessed by either the farmer or an appointed agent via the web portal.

Our job was to design both the mobile app and web portal and work closely with Elm's developers. We were informed to use the Virtual Vet colour scheme which is incorporated in their current logo. From our user research it was decided the app needed to be simple and very easy to use, similar to Snapchat with the opening page landing on the camera screen. The functionality of the app was minimal with a log in page, options to add notes, take additional photos and a confirmation screen when the information had been sent.

The web portal would be much more content heavy, with a multitude of treatment records, animal records and editable fields. We kept the user interface clean and simple providing easy navigation and bright buttons and titles allowing the user to see the necessary records with absolute clarity.

Overall the mobile app and web portal design worked out well and the client was very happy. 

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