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The brief for the BERTY app project was to design a user friendly experience for BER (Building Energy Rating) assessors. In order to rate a building's energy efficiency there are an inordinate amount of measurements, recordings and notes to be taken by the assessor on site, often several sites in a day, and then later manually input into the current online DEAP software. The current process is highly time consuming and tedious. The idea was to streamline this lengthy process and allow the assessor to take notes and photos as he/she goes with ease and upload it directly from the app.

The first step to any app design process is having absolute clarity on the user persona. We had to get inside the mind of a BER Assessor, find out what apps they use most often, age group, sex, industry background etc. From this research we were able to nail down the two user personas who would be using this app and to design it entirely with them in mind.

The logo was fun to design and we went through many iterations! Obviously the BER rating symbol had to be included and it gliding out of the upload cloud symbolises environmental awareness in the form of a rainbow. The colour scheme came from the idea of being a bright and new way to approach sometimes repetitive work for assessors. 

This was a content heavy app to design which would be used on tablet on site, and desktop off site. The main feature we wanted to incorporate, while keeping the app slick and new looking, was to keep the layout of the lengthy form sections similar to the old process. This would keep both of our user persona categories happy!

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