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The idea behind the Jouleco project was to design a website that allows home owners to find out how much they can save on their energy bills, gain access to contractors to upgrade their home energy rating and also to receive help with their finances. 


Aimed at the average home owner and with "above the fold" design theory in mind, the user would be presented with a simple search bar, enter their BER number (Building Energy Rating) and be able to find out how much they spend monthly and even their predicated savings if they decide to upgrade their home.

Upon meetings and discussions with the client, it was decided to have an overall elementary style to the website so as to really spell out the message to the home owner. Designing relatable, fun characters and using bright colours were our initial thoughts. We thought an actual story line feature would work really well on the site and explain to the user exactly what Jouleco can do for them.

We then designed our character line up:

  • Tom: The average home owner

  • Jouleco Joe: The forever smiling contractor who pops up everywhere with tips (he even hangs from the logo!)

  • SEAI Sarah: The SEAI grant lady who is always happy to help

Then came the really fun part, creating Tom's story. We wanted to show how miserable his life was pre-Jouleco, show his simple journey through the Jouleco process and then him living the dream by the end!

The whole post log in side of the Jouleco website had to remain user friendly and straight forward which is why we decided to keep the Jouleco Joe character around. With figures and kilowatt hours and CO2 levels being thrown around, the user had to be able to see the bigger picture and understand their possible savings clearly.

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