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The Yoga Shed

The Yoga Shed is a wonderful organisation based in Wicklow that offers accessible and affordable yoga classes for everybody including children with special needs, family yoga, adult hatha classes, children’s yoga camps and adults with additional needs. 

The project included a logo design, website redesign and overall rebranding of The Yoga Shed. We also created two posters to promote a summer camp and classes. The initial design mood discussed was that of a tranquil one, promoting peace, serenity and comfort. We wanted the logo to be fun and retro and in keeping with the rustic name of the organisation.

The soft lake video rippling in the background of the website was chosen to promote a calming element that comes with practicing yoga. Each page is semi-transparent to aid with the lucid feeling throughout the site with soft transitions during navigation. The site also had to be made with backend usability in mind as the owner would need to update class times personally.

We were also asked to create a promotional video in order to help The Yoga Shed in receiving a grant for all their amazing work with children and adults with special needs. We are more than happy to say that we were successful in doing so.

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The Yoga Shed


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Art Direction

Logo Design

Website Design

Video Editing

Poster Design

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