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The Gatwick Rewards App was to be offered to London Gatwick Airport as an add-on to their current app by a company called Kastfast. The purpose of the app is to allow customers travelling through the airport to avail of deals and offers in retail, food etc. while flying either inbound or outbound. Kastfast sent us mock ups off what they needed each screen to look like and features which needed to be included. 

The purpose of the project was to re-design these screens, make them more user friendly and be more aesthetically pleasing.

We chose to go with the Gatwick colour scheme as we thought it would be an easier pitch to London Gatwick and would be in keeping with their current app.

The new homepage would consist of "Today's Picks" a series of rotating tiles highlighting the latest deals in the airport. A tiled layout was also created in order to show the different offer categories clearly and promote ease of use. The category tiles would also be colour coded so the user knows pink is for retail and green is for food etc. 

We included the shopping bag icon with an aeroplane branded on it throughout the app to act as the Gatwick Rewards logo symbol and tie in with the overall theme.

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