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UI Challenge - Day 1: Gradient Avalanche

Here it is! Day 1 of my User Interface Design journey.

And what better subject to pick than a music festival landing page. This was too much fun to do. I probably played around with the typography and colour variations for a bit too long...

And here is the result:

Disclaimer: Not a real music festival sadly...

I was inspired by a Hindu Spring festival of colours, better known as Holi Festival. This festival is a celebration of fertility, colour, and love, as well as the triumph of good versus evil! Pretty gosh darn cool.... I love how people throw bright and vividly coloured powders at each other at this festival which creates an "Avalanche" (see what I did with the logo above?!) of colours and produces stunning gradients before our eyes! Magic! I wanted the landing page to be simple and modern while having that punchy in your face trend that is SO hot right now...

2018 Design Trend: Bright & Playful Gradients

Remember back in the day when you were designing (I use that term loosely...) a magnificent Microsoft Word or Powerpoint document and you thought to yourself:

"You know what would make this title better? A GRADIENT!"

And you would pick one of the god awful WordArt options above! Gradients were so cool back in the 90s and early 00s and guess what...THEY'RE BACK.

Since 2016 we have seen a rise in colour transitions. Gone are the days of a one colour logo design or overlay. Even subtle, two tone transitions can add a dynamic effect. Big players such as Instagram and Firefox have both followed the gradient trend and the results are just mouth watering:

So there you have it. If you didn't know gradients were a thing - now you do. And they don't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon! Keep your eyes peeled for this delightfully powdery colour trend throughout 2018. Even typography is getting the gradient do-over. NO ONE IS SAFE. But we love it. Maybe we can create an avalanche of colour with you on your next project.

Keep Sparkling,

Shona :)

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