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Empeal health

An AI Driven Multisided Digital Health SaaS Solution for prevention and management of chronic health conditions.

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From the client

"Shona has an amazing eye for design and she is one of the very few who can convert your vision into visual representation very very quickly. She is also very easy to work with and always extremely professional. We would definitely work with her in future."

Sohini De - Empeal Health

App Design and Web Design

The Brief

The aim of this project was to design an app with an intuitive user interface for Empeal Health, an AI Driven Multisided Digital Health SaaS Solution for prevention and management of chronic health conditions. The purpose of the app is it helps in prevention and management of Chronic conditions by integrating Lifestyle, behaviour change, and adherence with clinical care. It acts as the 24/7 health coach in patient’s pockets and an Intelligent assistant to the care teams.

See below for the full project details. We loved working with Empeal!

The Empeal App is available to download from both the Google Play and App Store.





Health Tech



Art Direction


Website Design

App Design

Presentation Design

Link / Year


The Brief Empeal


While Empeal already had a brand logo and small colour palette, we took this further by expanding the palette and creating elements such as people, food, nature, icons etc. that would be identifiable as Empeal graphics. It brought a human element to the entire design process. The colours are simple, some primary to encompass health, wellbeing, clarity and safety. We also came up with the concept of a heart over the character's heads as a nod to the gamification of the app itself.



This whole project was initiated with the start of several investor pitch deck designs which really helped us nail Empeal's personality, purpose, target audience and most importantly gain a deep understanding of the business model and app functions.  This is where the characters were born!


The brochure was a fun piece to the entire Empeal project. We wanted to take pieces from the presentation but present them in an easily digestible way for the reader. Less is more when it comes to brochure design and we wanted the main focus to be ensuring the underlying concept was as clear as crystal. And of course adding in our fun characters for personality and to add a human element to the piece.



There were a mountain of features and stats to include in the app and we had to make sure to keep the design simple as to not overwhelm the user. The colour scheme helped massively with this, keeping the app fun and bright. User experience was massively important so the app was testing by several users and iterations were made accordingly.

The Website

The final piece to this project was the website. It had to showcase the App beautifully while also being personalised for users from different backgrounds (individual, organisation health service, insurance company) so that they feel their needs are being met with solutions. We came up with several interactive pieces in the site, in keeping with the Empeal-style gamification, to bring the user through a journey of understanding and delight. Any heavy information is styled alongside fun graphics, scenes and colours.

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