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From the client

"“We worked with Shona on developing a campaign for Black Friday in collaboration with TikTok. Her ability to concept and produce compelling design really impressed everyone on the marketing team here at Wayflyer. Would highly recommend.”"


Landing Page Design, Advertisement & Animation

The Brief

The goal for Wayflyer was to design a landing page for the Black Friday campaign that was engaging and eye catching. The client collaboration was with TikTok so we came up with the idea to incorporate the TikTok video layout into the campaign. The target audience was e-commerce businesses who sell on TikTok - highlighting for them the offers set by Wayflyer to help their business with cashflow. 





E-Commerce Financing



Art Direction


Landing Page Design



Link / Year


Brief Wayflyer

Landing page

The landing page had to be clean and have a clear call to action for potential businesses to sign up. We wanted to use a dark background with neon signs to catch the attention of the viewer. 

TikTok x Wayflyer - iPhone 8 Plus – 1.png
Wayflyer x TikTok – 1.png

Advertisement designs

We designed several ads across channels and had these video ads and cinemagraphs playing on the mocked up TikTok screens. We chose music that would suit the brand.

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