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STCKD is a unique Sneaker community App. Where sneakerheads gather to share their passion.

From the client

"Shona is great to work with!  She comes to the table with ideas but is also great at collaborating.  I appreciate that I can tell Shona the larger idea and how I want Sneakerheads to interact with STCKD and Shona can come up with intuitive design that bridges those ideas together."

Jen Chiang - Founder

App Design, UI/UX

The Brief

The goal for the STCKD app was to create and design a community app for “sneakerheads”  i.e. sneaker obsessed individuals. The idea was borne from Jen Chiang - who works at Nike when she came to us wanting to create this unique app for sharing sneaker collections. The brief was for the app to be sleek and cool while very user friendly. The concept of community was very important to our client so we assured to keep this at the forefront when designing the app.








Art Direction


App Design

Link / Year

2021 - 2023


APP Design

We deep dove into the logo provided by Jen and pulled out colours and fonts and came up with a mini style guide to guide us through our app design. Creating buttons, check boxes, icons etc. was a breeze with the colour palette we chose. We stuck to the brief of not adding too many colours - to keep it fresh and let the sneakers speak for themselves. We worked in sections on different app areas and features mockup up clickable prototypes until it was hand off of assets to STCKD’s development team.

Desktop STCKD App_2x.png
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