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HidraWear is the world’s first and only Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS) specific wound dressing system.


From the client

"We've worked with Shona on several design projects over the years. Shona has an excellent eye for detail and created designs that were beautifully styled and well thought through. She is very collaborative and clearly communicates throughout the design process."

Suzanne Moloney - Founder & CEO at Hidramed

Web Design, Graphic Design & Presentation Design

The Brief

The goal initially for Hidramed was to create a beautiful brochure to clearly showcase all of Hidramed’s garments and dressings, also known as Hidrawear. This initial project went very well and we were lucky to build a strong relationship with the team at Hidramed and further work such as website design, graphic design, video and beyond all came together.


This is truly our favourite type of work when we can be involved in several aspects of a company’s journey to better design, clarity and showcasing of their uniques product.


Hidramed Solutions






Art Direction


Website Design

Graphic Design

Presentation Design

Video Editing

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Brief Hidramed

The Website

The brief for the website was to have clear and concise information that was easily accessible to the user. Secondary to this, we wanted to showcase the beautiful graphics and colours associated with Hidramed, as their old website was mainly a teal colour. This new showcase of pastel colours and fun graphics brought the website to life while also carefully explaining how the garments and dressings themselves work. This was very important to our client.


graphic design

While Hidramed had their own suite of graphics and brand elements, we were asked to add to this by designing multiple icons, diagrams, garments, measurements guides and sizing charts and tables. We also created icons to explain different features of the garments, such as “easy-on” and “true-fit”.



While we were working on several pieces for Hidramed - naturally it was seamless to put together a presentation design for them after getting to know the brand and products so well. For any presentation, pitch or investor pitch, information always has to be eyecathing graphically. Heavy text is excluded and we focus on visually representing data and ideas in an engaging and memorable way.



Brochure design is always polished, concise and contains more text and information than a presentation design. We utilised all our new graphics we had created for Hidramed throughout the brochures. Altogether there was an A4 landscape brochure, a Tri-fold double sided brochure and a few posters too.



The goal for the Hidramed explainer was to have a video version of the brochures/presentations to compliment them and so that Suzanne, the founder could do a voice over for it. We designed a new layout for the video with animations and timings to go with the script.

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