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VISO Cyber Security is an information security service provider.

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Branding, Web Design, Graphic Design 

The Brief

Our initial brief with VISO Cyber Security was a brand design. The brief was to create a modern and friendly brand identity that would be versatile across platforms and social channels and put VISO in line with their competitors. We were given free rein to put together ideas we thought would work from the brand’s services, ethos and personality of the staff. Probably our favourite brand project to date!


This, like many other projects with clients has led onto a longstanding working relationship which has led to further design work such as website design, further graphic design, documents and most recently an ongoing media management arrangement with our sister company Orbaya Media.


We design and manage all of VISO’s socials, analytics reports, website updates, blog designs and email newsletters and are delighted to have a great working relationship with them.


VISO Cyber Security



Cyber Security



Art Direction



Website Design

Graphic Design

Link / Year

2021 - 2023

Brief VISO


We gathered lots of information on VISO, the services they provide, their company’s culture and personality and most importantly their target audience - SME's. The specific target companies were those who may have an IT department but no access to a Cyber Security Team. VISO's tone of voice and language, while accessible is focused on those who are in the know of the Cyber Security industry.


We wanted the logo shape to be modern and clean and choose softer colours that would stand out amongst the oversaturated blacks and sharp blues that dominate the cyber industry. The pop of pink symbolises nurture, comfort and sympathy which brings a warmth to the dark navy and ice blues which we really felt encompassed VISO’s ethos and personality. We wanted the logo to be unmistakably identifiable as a cyber company so the security shield and lock symbols were a no brainer.

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Style_Guide_Viso_July2023_Our Logo - Slogan.png
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The Website

The VISO website had to encompass everything that was in the original brand brief. The graphics and characters helped us to tell VISO’s story and explain services. All while keeping in mind the target audience and visitors. The overall visual design of the website had to be accessible, digestible and also to delight the visitor (which is something we always strive to achieve at The Rainbow Vault). The time spent on the website should be pleasant and the user should be able to access all information he or she needs and have clear call to action buttons.


We not only designed the VISO website, but also developed it using the Wix website building platform. Having access to all analytics, edits etc. is very important to us and our clients. We find Wix to be the most user friendly too for our clients to update blogs if needed.

Viso Home June.png

graphic design

We created a full suite of VISO characters to really tell the story of VISO and give it personality. Most recently we worked on creating a graphic that showcases the three layered service VISOprovides. We worked on several documents, presentations, brochures etc. for VISO and built up a style that really encompassed the brand’s personality. Now this suite of graphics and icons can be utilised across mediums and are sprinkled throughout all the social media we provide for them today. Check out some bits below!

VISO Graphics.png

SOCIALS with Orbaya Media

VISO had a specific brief for us when it came to media management. They wanted to increase brand awareness, customer attraction and retention, employee attraction, show their company growth, while also showcasing their productised services and diverse team. Our posts were to highlight them as industry experts and the go-to authority in Cyber security. The blog posts written by their in house expert team allow us to showcase each employee uniquely.


Amy, our social media strategist and co-founder of Orbaya Media manages and designs VISO’s social posts and creates analytics reports for them each month. See some examples below. Reach out to us if you are interested in this service!

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