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UI Challenge - Day 2: Minimalism

Less is definitely more. A huge design trend forecasted for 2018 is minimalism. Increasingly we are seeing logos, apps and websites being simplified.

"Design is so simple, that's why it's so complicated." - Paul Rand

If an application comes with an instruction manual, it has been designed very badly. Apps and websites should work with the user, not against them. They should be created and designed with user experience at the forefront and should be easily navigated through, relying solely on the user's intuition.

For my UI design challenge today I picked minimalism as my subject. Sign in pages can act almost as a store front for your application and set the tone and feel for what is ahead. And here is what I came up with:

Ok, I admit I am totally obsessed with gradients and I am not ashamed about it!!

Colour: Pantone have chosen ultra-violet as their colour of the year this year and I couldn't be happier about that! Also lavenders and other shades of purple are promising to be BIG.

Simplicity: The whole idea of minimalistic design is to promote simplicity and ease of use. An effortless white line is used for the user input sections instead of dated, clunky white boxes. The sign in button is barely visible ( I contemplated leaving the sign in text without a button box!) which again promotes fluidity and chicness.

Geometric: I added in a bold logo just for fun, geometric shapes are still a huge trend this year. This topic definitely deserves it's own blog post in itself. I am also obsessed by geometric shapes (see The Rainbow Vault logo for reference!)

All in all, minimalism is everywhere. The idea that only absolutely necessary information is present and everything else is omitted can create stunning, simplistic design outcomes. Function definitely follows form with this design trend.

Thanks for reading!

Keep Sparking,

Shona :)

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